Black Forest Fire Information

This page is for residents of Black Forest, friends and family.
It contains information and links to help in recovery.

If you received an email from the County Re: Contacting BF-TOGETHER, click HERE.
If you lost your home or know someone who did, BFT needs contact information.

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As of 6/19 at 1 P.M.
Appears Unaffected 3654
Total Loss 509 14%
Partial Damage 28

*** Watch out for scams ***


The Black Forest Vet will be moving in to their new quarters in September
at the strip center at Black Forest Rd and White Fir ln.

In addition the Grommer is working out of her home - call 495-0208



PDF of addresses affected in Black Forest

Map of destroyed homes Black Forest

Satellite View of Burn Area

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